Thursday, November 8, 2012

How To, Tutorial and DIY Tuesdays

You cannot deny that this Christmas season will be a lean one in the online selling world. The USA election, within two days, has already shown thousands of layoffs and a stalk market drop. Businesses are cutting hours to under 30 per week for employees to keep from having to offer Obama Care. This is fact. 

Credit Card fraud is at an all time high online. People are making crafts for gifts now more then ever. Pinterest indexes among the top three craft tutorial finds spots on the internet. This is a threat to all of us who sell handmade gifts online worldwide. So, what does this mean? It means you have to change your strategy. 

All these people will be crafting this year for Christmas. Looky Lou's will be more prominant. As I said before, make your craft and art so complex, no one can copy it. In the mean time, if you don't intend on selling supplies this year,and even if you do, there is one huge thing that will bring traffic to your website, blog or online store: craft tutorials, how to's and diy. 

Google keyword search for diy, tutorials, how to

This coming week will bring about some event changes. Showcase Commotion will be moved to Wednesdays and Tuesdays will be "How To Tuesdays"  The way it will work, is all Artfire Participants are required to blog a tutorial of some kind on their Artfire Studio blogs. At least one imageis required OR a video. (Filmstrip style image tutorials are super popular on pinterest) Then the participant must create a post here. All you need is the title, a description of the tutorial in three sentences, the url of the image on your blog post to add to the one in our site and Tag words for the post SEO. 



Common Sense and Science for your Sterling

Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry


Learn how to clean your sterling silver jewelry with aluminum foil and baking soda! A home remedy style recipe for cleaning sterling silver, even with pearls. Won't hurt your soft gemstones. 
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