Thursday, November 8, 2012

Events Planning

The fall season is here..and it's slow for October for all merchants. People are watching to see who wins the US Elections for President. This will have a huge impact upon our economy and thus our sales this upcoming Christmas season. So to fill in the gap, we are revving up our engines to start publishing and creating backlinks, indexes and more search engine friendly content to help drive traffic to your shops at

Now, with that said, many of us have shops on other venues such as Etsy. I do too..however, there are few big sites that promote Etsy, HAS and others. Artfire, needs more of those, and you need help learning better marketing and selling/listing skills. So, Artfire LInk is staying exclusive to Artfire. What that means, is that you are allowed to share links from other marketplaces, but our promotion will be directed toward Artfire. We won't ban other sites like Etsy and HAS, Copius, etc. But we will make a great priority for Artfire content. I don't mind seeing what you have elsewhere..and don't mind members from other handmade marketplaces, but our goals are clear! More traffic, more sales, more successful merchants at

Artfire does a great job with help guides and the 45 day Success Guide, but the Artfire site is vast. Some might even say Artfire is over-built(to big for it's own good).  But I say, make it big, make it better, and shout it out loud, the awesomeness of I've been there for almost four years now. I even shut down my shops just to promote others..THAT is how much I believe in it! But that hardy faith needs to be contagious. 

Here are a few things that we are starting up as regular events here at Artfire LInk:

gold columbian diamond emerald rings

Tuesdays: ShowCase Commotion ~ Come add your projects and new listings to our Members' Projects Showcase! Then, Pick one from another member and heart it, share it, pin it, tweet it, etc. Just one..(or more if your zealous like me). The items show up on the front page for new traffic to see. It's like posting your own ad! SEO friendly and public for Google to see. 

Wednesdays: Spotlight Image Contest ~ Entries include any item from Submit your own or someone elses. Entries are judged by the quality of the image(sharpness, lighting, white balance, etc.) and the item in the picture(including setting, mount, background). Winning item and owner will be featured in our New member SpotLight page! (courses on image editing coming soon)

Knitted Puppy Dog Childrens hat Pattern

Courtesy of: Artfire LInk

Fridays: Chat Night. ~ Come join us here at the Chat Room 4pm PDT/5pm MST/7pm EST. Q and A, get to know others in our artisan community and bring a friend! Confused? Lost? Need Help? New to selling online? Are you a Fire Mentor too? Come join us and get help, or help others. Just come socialize.

Saturdays: Handmade Saturday ~ A weekly themed all day event to promote handmade. This one is open to all handmade marketplaces. sellers are promoted on all social networks from this event. This will take place on our Activity stream. All members and web links are monitored for quality assurance. 

Why are we doing these events? To help you! To promote you while you learn new techniques and tools that will aid your success to selling online via Many of these techniques can be used elsewhere too.

There are no real strict rules as to how much you participate in these events, we know you are super busy with custom orders, listings, family, jobs, lives, kids, etc. If you find them fun, great learning tools that offer a benefit, then we are super happy to have you join in. 

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