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Posts from Artfire LInk for 11/05/2012

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Who is looking

By Susan Artfire LInk on Nov 04, 2012 11:43 am

Yesterday, I went to Hobby Lobby for a quick run of glitter for a special gift for a little girl's birthday. The holiday section had been fully filled with all the trimmings with a few sales scattered throughout. Walking through the store, I notice most everyone there was already shopping for Christmas crafting. Joann fabrics was soo incredibly packed, I realized that the buying season was already in full swing. But a thought occured to me: "I wonder if any of these people will shop online this year?"

So, the outgoing social butterfly I am, I took a gulp and approached several of them. I asked the questions:

  1. Do you make alot of crafts?
  2. Are you shopping online for gifts this year?
  3. Why? Why not?
  4. Have you ever heard of Artfire before?
  5. Where do you like to shop online?


Let me tell you what many responses were. The younger folks in their 30-40's said they could not afford the high end stuff. Many of those where of the middle class crowd. Several customers in their late 40-50's said, they don't shop online. One of them said they won't ever due to the high risk of credit card fraud. I asked them what Credit card processor they have used before, and they looked at me funny and said, their bank(not knowing really what I meant). One older gal, who looked like she prefered the high end decorations, said she likes to touch everything she buys. You know, I thought to myself, I do that too. She also said she doesn't like Paypal cause they tie up her money for several days. She said it's been years since she used it.

You know me, I tried to explain to her it was due to older rules and who is verified and who is not. I explained a few things that peaked her interest..but in the end of the conversation, she was still adimate about not shopping online. She also mentioned her daughter loves Pinterest and is what she described as a "Looky Lou". She looks at stuff and makes it herself. That struck a little fear in me..let me tell you. But it made me think: What if my craft is so advanced you can't make it. What if I make it so awesome, you have to buy it to get it..from me, and all my crafty online friends?

I stood in line to checkout just after asking a few more that gave me similar responses. The woman in front of me saw my wire wrapped necklace I was wearing(that I made) and loved it. She asked if I made it with big eyes that said"I want that". The checkout girl also said.."I would totally buy that, where can I get one?" Oh my gosh. My dismay from questioning others just turned over to delight. 

I left with a greater understanding of the online shoppers. Here are a few things I realized.

  • shoppers prefer to buy locally
  • shoppers like to touch things
  • a huge percent of online browsers are "looky lou's"
  • "Looky Lou's" love supplies
  • the more advanced and unique your craft, the more successful in sales you will be.

So, to avoid looky lou's and low sales this year, I suggest you push yourself to a higher level in your craft. I don't care if you are a card maker, make them better than anyone in the industry..push yourself forward to learn what the average "Joe" can't make without a ton of learning. As far as the Looky Lou's are know who you are: Offer a few supplies for what you the looky lou's will buy from you supplies. This way, the huge crowd that loves to look and make, will also buy.

If you make simple things, offer free shipping in your country. I would highly recommend you mix more expensive and complicated items with the simple ones. Offer small and large items.  

With every obsticle, there is a work around, you just have to understand who's looking. 

**note: this is for Colorado Springs Geograpical location, ask around in your own neighborhood to find out who's looking!

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