Saturday, November 17, 2012

Event Today! Come Join us!

Handmade Saturday

We know you are busy..and the Christmas Shopping Season is in full Swing! Take 10 minutes today and come join us at Handmade Saturday. Share your items, Pin some awesome items others have shared and just have fun.

Handmade Saturday Holiday blingThis week's theme features things that are Holiday Bling. "Holiday" and " Crystal" are, specifically, two terms are among some of the HIGHEST searched right now on the internet in Google Search. To get your mind wrapped around the right keywords for your Item titles, image captions, tags/keywords and descriptions, we are featuring things that are in the trend.

**Please post them on the event page. 
Featuring today:
See if your key

words are trending:

The items from Artfire will be added to collections featured to our and our guild: If you have a treasury from your shares, you can share that as will be shared, pinned and tweeted too.

**side note: please tag your tweets with #artfirelink and tag your items and collections etc..with the same tag: artfirelink. This helps us to find your items better. (They are also indexed in the guild "specials and sales" items

You must share an outside link(not a photo).
You cannot post the same item twice.
You can only post three items consecutively! (more after some others post)
It is preferred but not completely exclusive to post Artfire items for collection creation and promotion.

**Please share, tweet, pin, etc. one of someone elses too..lets make this full circle..not just focus on promoting self.

Your collections will be promoted on all of our social media sites, and will be featured on our collections page on the website.